The aim of this conference was to create an international forum for debate and exchange on the main challenges facing the effectiveness in anti-match-fixing policies and to reflect on the ways in which sports bodies and media operators can, individually and collectively, propose solutions to these problems.
The Conference program included a number of key and side events:

First Moderated Talk on The State of Play on the fight against match fixing - policy making

Moderated by Severin Moritzer (Play Fair Code), the list of the Speakers includes:

  • International Olympic Committee (IOC) - Friedrich Martens - Head of Unit on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions;
  • Portuguese Football Federation - Rute Soares - Head of Integrity and Compliance of the Portuguese Football Federation and UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector;
  • DCPC - Italian Criminal Police Central Dept.
  • Roberto Ribaudo, Director of the 3rd Interpol Division and Stefano Delfini, Coordinator of the Sports Betting Investigation Group (G.I.S.S).

Second Moderated Talk: The State of Play on the fight against match fixing – challenges, best practices and ways to move forward

Moderated by Valérie Peano (European Association for the Study of Gambling), the list of the Speakers includes:

  • Portuguese Olympic Committee - Joana Gonçalves, NOC PT Sport Integrity Project Officer;
  • International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) - Silvia Paleari, Senior Public Affairs Manager;
  • Stats Perform - Nick Iliffe, Integrity Intelligence Manager.

Round Table: Anti Match-Fixing in Practice

The list of the Speakers includes:

  • Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL) - Marcelo Moriconi, Project Coordinator presenting Training to Protected Reporting from Professional and Grassroots Sports;
  • Aristotle University - Nikolaos Constantin Theodorou, KEA Fair Play Code Hella, Project Partner presenting CSI Coach Sport Integrity project;
  • European Olympic Committee EU Office - Valentin Capelli, Project Coordinator presenting Single Points of Contact for Sports Integrity;
  • Stichting CSCF - Counter Sport Corruption Foundation for Sport Integrity - Ludovico Calvi, Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), Project Partner presenting Integrisport Erasmus+.

During the Conference, furthermore, the AMATT Multi-Level Learning Tool and the Guidelines for Optimizing Anti Match-Fixing Policies – Tailored Training were presented.

The Guidelines for Optimizing Anti Match-Fixing Policies - Tailored Training will be publicated as soon as possible.

AMATT - Erasmus

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